Can I reject a car advertised with full service history because the seller will not provide me with the service book?

I purchased a 2012 Vauxhall Corsa SRI (54,000 miles) on 25 February 2017. It was advertised with a full service history but when I went to go and pick the vehicle up the first thing the dealer did was ask me for payment. Once he handed me all of the paperwork I noticed the service book was missing, he told me it was in the glovebox of the car. I checked the glovebox before I left with the vehicle and he said he must have left it at the garage and that he will post it out to me first thing on Monday 27 February. After a lot of chasing him up, it is now 6 March and I still have no service book. I again asked for proof of postage, to which he replied that he would try to buy a new book this week and we can stamp the last service that the garage did and he can copy the receipts I have into the new service book. I informed him that he only provided me with one service receipt which was dated 23/09/2015 and that I only purchased the car on the basis that it had full service history. He is now not responding to any of my messages and the car also has an issue with the brakes that I have asked him to look at but he won't respond with a definitive date when I can bring it back to the garage. Can I reject the car?
He's lying. Reject the car.
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