Should we change our car's timing belt because of an oil leak?

My wife's 2002 Ford Focus 1.6 was bought second hand just over 2 weeks ago. We noticed a small amount of oil leaking from the engine, and took it to a repair shop. They looked and said they couldn't find the source of the leak because there is oil everywhere, then told us oil was all over the timing belt and that we shouldn't be driving the car and we would need to get the timing kit changed for a cost of £360. We decided to risk driving it, and took it to another repair shop for a second opinion. The staff there didn't say anything about the timing belt, they just said to get the engine steam cleaned so the source of the leak would be easier to find. I would like to know what to do. My funds are severely limited.
If the oil is coming from the front camshaft seal or the front crankshaft seal it will be seriously contaminating the timing belt that may slip or fail at any time. If you bought it from a dealer, take it back. The dealer is still liable:
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