Should Ford contribute to a new gearbox in my Ford Fiesta?

I have a three year old Ford Fiesta automatic that has 14,500 miles on the clock. From time to time, the engine judders when accelerating from stationary or at low speeds. My Ford dealer says it needs a new gearbox, at £1500, because the clutch material is not working properly. The car is now out of warranty by a couple of months. The dealer has offered to put in a good will claim to Ford on my behalf, but because one of the services was not done at a Ford dealership, they don't think I have much chance of success. I feel that a car with such a low mileage should not have this sort of problem.
This is a very common complaint of the low torque twin dry clutch Getrag Powershift in the Fiesta, but it probably only needs a new clutch pack, not a complete new transmission. Ford probably will contribute.
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