Can not driving a car enough cause brake pad and rotor issues?

My five year old Mercedes-Benz E550 has done 17,000 miles and has had the brake pads replaced and now the rotors. Apparently the reason for the rotor failure was that I drove too little. My wife had a Mercedes-Benz SUV for four years with 16,000 miles and no brake issues. I had an Infiniti GS35 for nine years with 30,000 miles, no brake issues. Is driving too little really an acceptable excuse for poor quality?
Yes, because all the time the car is left standing in winter conditions condensation moisture corrodes the brake discs. If the car is used frequently the action of the pads on the discs cleans off the corrosion. It's usually worse on the back because rear brakes only account for about 5 per cent of the braking of the car.
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