My high mileage diesel Hyundai i20 CRDi has developed a sluggish starting problem, is it time to get rid of it?

My 2011 Hyundai i20 CRDi 90PS diesel has developed sluggish starting and oil splashed 3/4 way up the dipstick (checked after overnight standing). Coolant level remains normal. The engine has often cut out over the first couple of miles when cold. It's done 112,000 miles of predominantly long 20 - 60 mile journeys. Do you think it's time to get rid of it?
The problem is probably failing active regeneration of the DPF because the DPF is getting blocked with ash that eventually happens to all DPFs. This means that extra fuel injected into the engine to regenerate the DPF is instead sinking into the sump, contaminating the sump oil and raising its level. It may be possible to get the DPF cleaned out by the Ceramex process. Remember, if the sump level gets too high a compression ignition diesel engine can start to run uncontrollably on its sump oil and could blow up.
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