My car went into limp mode with no warning - why has the DPF filled up so fast?

The DPF on my 2009 Jaguar XF was professionally cleaned after going from amber to red. The car had done high mileage (104,000), so I was kind of expecting it. 13,000 miles after the clean, it went straight to red with no amber warning. I took it into a Jaguar dealer and they said the DPF was full, which I questioned due to low mileage since the clean and the lack of warning. They said they had checked everything else (vacuum, gas leaks, etc) and all was fine. I took their word for it, assumed DPF cleans are rubbish and had a brand new DPF fitted for £1600. Now, 2848 miles later, the DPF is full again. It went into limp mode with no warnings. Where do I stand with this as I voiced my concerns originally that there was no warning?
Something strange going on here. Reads as if the DPF is not actively regenerating and so is filling up with soot rather than with ash, which would be the reason why you had it cleaned out the first time. Assuming it was properly cleaned out by someone like Ceramex, I'd suspect the active regeneration system. If the engine sump level is also rising due to extra fuel being pumped into the engine but not used to actively regenerate the DPF then that's definitely the reason.
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