Can I hold a garage that serviced my car liable for engine failure?

I bought my Ford C-Max 1.5d in Italy in December 2015 and registered then in UK (where I live) in April 2016, therefore still under warranty. I took the car for a service at an independent garage, with 7,000 miles. After the service, I drove for 0.5 mile and saw the oil warning light on when I parked the car. I called the garage and was told it could be just the oil level being too high and to keep an eye on the warning light. If it continued to flicker I should take the car back to them. I then drove with my family down to Italy on holidays, no warning light on whilst driving, but then after 700 miles, the car suddenly stopped. After repatriation of car to UK, another assessment made by Ford points to the same root cause: oil filter incorrectly causing the pressure nipple not to fit into the oil filter housing. No oil pressure caused the turbocharger to seize. Solution looks like a new engine needs to be installed in the car. The garage do not seem to want to take any responsibility. Do I have any option to claim back all expenses I have incurred and will need to incur to fix the car?
You could hold the garage that did the service liable. You have plenty of evidence. Law here: (It relates to buying cars, but applies to liability for any paid for work on a car.)
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