Why are BMW refusing to pay for a service that is covered by my service pack?

I bought a new BMW M135i in June 2015, along with a service pack. As per your recommendations I had an interim oil service at just over 9000 miles, although 18,000 was the anticipated schedule. I have just had the first full service carried out at 19,000 miles and BMW have refused to honour the service pack deal as the car was not "calling" for a service, it wanted me to go a further 5000 miles. Had I not had the interim service (done at my expense) then the service would have been overdue. Why would BMW take this stance?
This is why I always advise to never buy a service pack unless it covers an oil and filter change at least every 10,000 miles or every year whichever comes first. There's no such thing as 'cheap' servicing. You pay less, you get less. Service packs are a bad deal.
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