My warranty won't cover my windscreen because it isn't the original, what do I do?

I recently took my Volkswagen Touareg for its first ever service, I've owned it since new, and one of the issues was a fault on the lights sensor. This is part of the windscreen and they tell me that the windscreen is not the original screen and so it's not covered by warranty. Yet I've never replaced it and I'm the only owner. I've even checked my insurance to check if I'd forgotten having it fixed. I can see the screen isn't marked as an OEM part but I've never had an issue with it. What do you suggest?
Then this is an issue between you and the dealer your bought it from when it was new. I could guess that the logistics company damaged the screen on a transporter and had a quick fix done by a windscreen company, then kept schtum. Doesn't matter to you. You were sold a car with the wrong screen and you are entitled to have the screen replaced with the right screen at the dealer's expense.
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