Is my MINI worth keeping if the engine needs replacing?

I own a 2008 MINI Cooper which looks great but is worth scrap value as it has a porous aluminium head just diagnosed. The car has cost us £3000 in the last three years and this is the final straw. It has only done 57,000 miles and has been well looked after with regular servicing. The MINI specialist says he has never seen it before and the car needs a new engine. Even in good condition it is probably only worth the cost of the new engine. We have contacted a MINI dealer who is going to run a diagnostic test to confirm and if this is the case does that mean that MINI has to rectify?
I wonder if this is actually no more than condensation under the cam covers, which is a known problem on this Peugeot/BMW engine. So don't panic just jet. See what the BMW dealer comes up with. If he condemns the engine and BMW won't contribute then you need a member of to rebuild the engine.
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