Flooded vent well has caused £3700 of damage to our 207 - what are our rights?

My Mother's 44 month old Peugeot 207 needs some serious repairs (over £3500 worth of work) due to the starter motor wire burnt in PSFI requires replacing. The maxi fuses have also been submerged in wiring and water has traced through the loom to the cooling fan and resister and engine ECU - all require replacement as well as PSFI. She was initially told by the technician at the garage that this was because the drain holes were too small and that as part of the repair they would make them bigger. The garage offered to pay 50 per cent towards the repair. We have queried this with Peugeot head office as it appears to be a manufacturing issue. They replied talking about 'fair wear and tear', when we questioned that they said it was a 'general comment' and that having looked at photos (that they haven't volunteered to share) the cause is that the drain holes have become blocked (that they were not too small) by dust or debris. They have only provided part of the ECI print out. They liaised with the garage but refused to supply the rest of the report or confirm whether we can reject the car. Reading around this, there appears to be a problem others have experienced. What should we do? Can you give us your advice?
I don't know what you mean by the acronym PSFI? But you seem to be referring to a flooded vent well because the drains were blocked and water was getting into electrical systems. This is basically a maintenance issue. All vehicle bulkhead vent wells have drains both sides and basic maintenance is to check them and keep them clear so rainwater can drain away. At 44 months old I can't see any possibility of rejecting the car.
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