Does my Skoda Octavia need a standard service or a cam belt change too?

My service booklet says that the 40,000 miles/4-year fixed interval service is a "standard routine service". The main dealer says it needs a cam belt change at £615. Another dealer recommended the routine service only, but when asked about cam belt replacement said "looks like it - recommended" and, with water pump change, quoted £640. I'm changing my car in next few months - my inclination is to do the routine service only, as it has only done 41,000 miles. What do you think?
It's standard Skoda edict to replace the belt, tensioner and water pump. Independents used to say 60,000 miles on this engine before a fiasco of plastic pulley failures on 1.4 and 1.6 16v petrol engines, which threw belts off.
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