Does our 2006 Volkswagen Golf need a new cam belt?

I am having a service and MOT next week. The car has done 33,000 miles and has been excellent with no problems. It's economic and great to get in and out of, as we are both pensioners. I have spoken to two garages about the cam belt, one Volkswagen appointed and one Volkswagen independent. They both say that they recommend a new belt at 60,000 miles or every four years, whichever comes first. They both quote a cost of £300. Do you agree with the recommendation and is the cost of £300 reasonable?
It may not be approaching the mileage limit for a change, but if it's approaching the age limit it should be changed. The belt gets weaker over time and can perish, snapping and causing massive damage to the engine. £300 sounds reasonable. If you want to avoid the cost of replacement next time, try looking for a car with a timing chain (these don't need to be replaced):
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