Why does my Vauxhall Viva use so much oil?

I have a Vauxhall Viva (2015 model) which I have owned from new. Within seven months of ownership, the oil light came on after 8900 miles. I was told the car simply needed an oil filter change. As a result I decided to have the first full service done early. It is now seven months later and the oil level has dropped to 13 per cent after 17,700 miles. At this rate I will need to have the oil and filter changed at every service and once a year outside of my service. So effectively twice a year. Vuaxhall have blamed it on driving style and because it is a new car. I drive approximately 50 miles a day commuting on fast A roads and in towns in traffic and I get 47.6mpg. Should it really need an oil and filter change this regularly?
It made sense to have an early oil and filter change the first time, but it is not unusual for a new engine to use a litre of oil in 8,900 miles. From now on, it doesn't need an oil and filter change every time the oil level drops. Just top it up and have an oil and filter change with each service, every 10,000 miles or every year whichever comes first.
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