Mercedes-Benz 30-year anti-corrosion warranty

I have two Mercedes-Benz cars: a 2003 S-Class and a 1995 SL. The S-Class developed rust on the front wings recently and I attempted to have the car fixed at my local dealer (for free, as part of the car's 30-year anti-corrosion warranty), but they refused to help as the car didn't have a full service history. I find this unacceptable as my SL doesn't have any rust and is eight years older than the S-Class. Surely this is due to poor quality paint or steel? Should't Mercedes-Benz except full responsibility, as a full service history would not prevent the rust?
The reason why your 1995 has no rust is that in 1996 or 1997 Mercedes altered the way it prepared its bodies for paint and the result was that all Mercedes from around 2007 to around 2003 rust very badly. Mercedes routinely refuses to honour the 30-year Mobilo no perforation warranty on the grounds that the cars have not been maintained to the contract standards.
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