Low oil light on, but oil level is fine?

My 2012 Ford Focus 1.6 diesel has run approx 6000 miles since its engine oil change 10 months ago. The car is running very well and has good performance. After a long run to Cumbria the message "Engine oil change needed" is shown each time I start up. The engine oil level has remained constant at 1/2" to 3/4" over the top mark on the dipstick. My local non-franchise dealer thinks that a little unburnt diesel may have leaked into the sump. He has reduced the engine oil level to the correct mark, and has reset the warning light. All has now returned to normal. Should I take any further action ? Is this a known fault ? Do the injectors or ECU need any attention?
Yes. The DPF has not been actively regenerating correctly and the extra fuel fed into the engine to promote this has sunk into the sump so the sump oil is contaminated. It and the oil filter need changing.
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