Should Citroen contribute to cambelt failure bill?

Broken cam belt on 9 yr old car 109000 miles caused engine damage... car serviced for last 2 years by good independent garage but no recommendation was made by them to replace belt even though 2 services were done by them during the 2 years (1 big service at 87000 & 1 interim service at 98000). Citroen book says 100,000 or 10 yrs and I feel they should at least contribute to the repair costs because as professionals they would know the damage such a failure could cause...
No. You should have followed my advice and had it done at 60k miles or 6 years max. You pushed your luck. Small garages do not generally recommend jobs like this to customers because the minimum cost of a timing belt, tensioner and waterpump is around £300 + VAT.
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