Does the cam chain need tightening on my Subaru XV?

I purchased my Subaru XV automatic back in June 2020 and the mileage is now at 26,500 miles. I am used to changing the cam belt, pullies and water pump every four years on my previous Subaru RX, but when I enquired with my main dealer about a changing my cam belt, I was advised this engine has a cam chain so no need for replacement. As there's no need for a replacement, does the cam chain need tightening? And is there a need to change the water pump?
The Subaru XV has a timing chain, in fact, it has two of them, one going to each of the overhead cams. One of the most common issues with the chain comes from the hydraulic tensioners which have a tendency to leak.

Having said that we would not expect to have a problem at your mileage. There's no need to change the water pump either as they are only changed when a belt or chain is being replaced as a precaution because of easy access to the water pump whilst changing the belt etc.
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