Manufacturer warranty - Will an independent service void?

Could you please be so kind to re-confirm/clarify the position of servicing a new vehicle outside the dealer/franchised network? I know the the Block Exemption rule exists allowing people to service their vehicle elsewhere, but can the manufacturer/original dealer legally blanket void the warranty on the car because one didn't get it serviced to their specifications? Is it up to them to prove one didn't do things their way?
No, it's up to you to prove that the car was serviced with the correct parts and fluids as shown on a detailed invoice by whoever did the service. it's important to mention that if you do not service at a franchised dealer you miss out on Technical Service Updates carried out during franchised services.

Manufacturers are not expected to trace the keeper of every car for these and if you miss them your warranty might be voided. You also lose any 'goodwill' outside of the warranty.
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