Is it worth me having a full service at a Toyota garage?

I have just purchased a Toyota RAV4 (1999 model) with an automatic gearbox and 2.0-litre petrol engine. The vehicle has covered 105,000 miles and cost £1100, Until 2011 it had a full Toyota service history and since then has been serviced annually at Kwik Fit. Is it worth me having a full service at Toyota to make sure everything is done properly or should I go to an independent garage?
You paid over the odds, but with its versatile seating, 4WD and decent handling the original RAV-4 is starting to become a classic. Kwik Fit will not have done any more than the basics, so you need to find an independent Toyota specialist to give it a going over. Probably needs fresh brake fluid and if the waterpump was not changed at the timing belt changes, that might need replacing.
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