Electric parking brake motor

The parking brake fault light came on a couple of weeks ago. It stayed on for 20mins and then switched off. As as precaution I called Audi who suggested the car be booked in for a 'diagnostic'. I took it in and was told the fault light related to the passenger side electric brake motor. They could reset it but it could come on again. As it is a brake and so a safety feature I authorised it be replaced at a touch over £500. The car is 6 years olds and has done 28k miles. Am I unreasonable to expect the motor to last longer.
No, that is a normal life for an A4 and a Passat parking brake motor. It sits in a very hostile environment where moisture ingress is virtually inevitable after 6 years or so. it's part of the obsolescence built into modern cars to ensure they become economically unviable before they are 10 years old. Or, at least, return the car manufacturer enough income from supplying parts to compensate the manufacturer for not selling a new car.
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