Are there any issues with driving a car when the traction control doesn't work?

I have a 2010 BMW 320d which has 130k on the clock. Recently the DTC sensor light started flashing with associated loss of power - I deactivated the system and not surprisingly there were no further issues. BMW have diagnosed a corroded reluctor rings - and advised changing both drive shafts and wheel sensors for £1600. I have researched your site and found 2 similar queries - one which had the work done and now no problems. Is it worth shopping around - sometimes I find independent garages are not so good at connecting electronics and resetting computers? Are there any additional safety issues by just driving the car with the DTC deactivated (apart from the obvious loss of DTC) The car has been so reliable and I feel its worth hanging on to.
BMW dealers quote for driveshafts, but the reluctor rings can sometimes be cleaned up or, if not, can be replaced. You need to find a good independent BMW specialist. Check: As you saw: 30-5-2017: Reader quoted £700 by BMW dealer for new half shafts, hubs and ABS reluctor rings. Told reluctor rings not sold separately. His local garage obtained them for £18 each and sensors for £62 each, plus labour and VAT.
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