Ford Focus Ecoboost coolant system

My 2013 Ford Focus Ecoboost 1.0L uses so much coolant. I have had a the expansion tank and hosing replaced due to this leaking but still uses on average half a tank of coolant per day! (I average around 20 miles per day) this has happened since my car over heated when the hose from the expansion tank to the turbo split (this was a recall that I never received notification for) Ford cannot fault the issue and are unwilling to do further investigations. Have you got any ideas?
Petrol turbos usually cool the turbos by engine coolant as well as the engine oil that lubricates the turbo bearing. I would guess that the coolant is getting into the combustion chambers (an exhaust gas test will determine this). But basically, if you bought the car from the same dealer that has tried and failed to fix it, you can demand that he either fixes it, or pays for it to be fixed, or buys the car back from you.
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