Brake pads need replacing after 6849 miles

Four months ago I was told by my local MINI dealer than my car my 2007 Cooper needed new rear brake pads, discs and sensors at 34,000 miles. Yesterday the warning light came on, regarding the brakes and I could hear a grinding noise when stopping. The mileage now is only 41,000 and it seems I have no rear brake pads on the near side and 3mm on the off side rear, the front brake pads have more on them than the rear and I have never replaced them. I'm very apprehensive of returning to the mini dealership in case they try and blame this on style of driving. Can you offer any insight?
Something definitely wrong here. There are three reasons for excess wear of rear discs and pads. One is that the car has an electric parking brake and it it not releasing quickly enough. Another is that the car sits in damp, salty conditions overnight and there is excessive surface rusting of the rear discs that is not cleaned off next day be normal braking. The third is that they didn't do the job of replacing the rear discs and pads properly and if you take it to another BMW/MINI dealer they should be able to tell you.

But you're in between a rock and a hard place here. Take it somewhere else and the original dealer will say you should have taken it back to him. Take it back to him and, as you say, he may blame you. If it was me I'd get it checked independently.
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