I bought a used Citroen C1 that was advertised as being PDI'd and serviced - but it hadn't. What can I do?

I recently bought a 58-reg Citroen C1 from a dealer for my son. It came with service history showing that a service had been done and stamped by the dealer at 10,200 miles, and according to the documents the car had not covered any miles since the service. I was also told that the car had passed a PDI. When I drove the car the steering seemed quite heavy so I did some checks and I did not like what I found. The tyre pressures were 10psi down at the front, and one rear tyre was 6psi too high. I checked further and found that the engine oil was black and treacly, the air filter was dirty and the oil filter was old and had seized on - I believe they were the factory original items. In other words, the car obviously had not had a service or PDI of any kind. I have written to the dealer but they have not responded. What do you think?
Get documentary evidence of what you think from a Citroen dealer, then confront the dealer with that evidence demanding that they pay for a proper service. They probably will.
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