When is a recall actually a Technical Service Bulletin?

When is a recall not a recall? In December my 2005 Audi A4 SE suddenly started running badly so I limped into a local garage which subsequently diagnosed an ignition coil fault and replaced it the next day. Two days later got a call from the main Audi dealership where I bought the car new, offering to replace all ignition coils 'under warranty' (though mine had expired). I queried why it had been done and one of service team stated there had been a recall note in August 2011. In the circumstances I asked to be compensated for emergency replacement (£84.44) as this would have not been necessary if I had been notified previously of 'recall'. It was stated that no reimbursement was possible due to a non-Audi approved part being used, but they did offer to replace that new coil with one of their own at no expense. So what is the obligation of the dealership in respect of customers when they get a recall bulletin from manufacturers?
The answer is when it's a Technical Service Bulletin. Safety recalls are issued by VOSA via the DVLA to all registered keepers. TSBs only occur when customers' cars are taken to a franchised dealer for servicing during the period of the TSB campaign. The dealer might notify a regular customer on his lists. If you have your car serviced elsewhere you can easily miss TSBs.
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