High mileage BMW 1 Series - keep or sell?

I am currently running a 2008 BMW 118d. My mileage is creeping up a lot and the car has now clocked up 100,000 miles. I now have concerns about the longevity of the car as it is making a “chuff, chuff” noise. The noise is getting louder, but there is no performance loss or anything and I change oil every 7000 religiously. My mechanic said it won’t break but may get noisy. Anyway, I am considering buying a high mileage (130,000) Toyota Avensis or Ford Mondeo. Is this wise?
You could be in for timing chain, dual mass flywheel and diesel particulate filter trouble, so a good idea to get it gone and benefit from the fact that now is the cheapest month of the year to buy a replacement. No, don't buy higher mileage unless all on the above list have been replaced.
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