Main dealer or independent for major Audi service?

I have an Audi A3 2.0 TDi due for major service. 37,000 miles and five years old. Dealer service history. What is the effect on my resale value if I go to local non-Audi garage for service - also Audi advise that I need a cam belt and water pump replaced as 5 years old. Their costs, including a service is over £1000 without any additional parts needed at service (maybe brake pads). Should I go to local garage this time who will save me £400 or will my residual value be affected? Do I really need the cam belt done or is this just scare mongering by Audi?
Find an independent VAG specialist who will do the work better for a lot less money. Does need the timing belt, waterpump, tensioner and small pulleys changed. But this is a £500 job, not a £1,000 job.
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