DPF regeneration and low oil

I recently had my 2010 plate Volvo XC90 serviced by our local Volvo dealer. On returning home (seven mile trip) I checked the engine oil. It was black and at the lower end of the dipstick. I queried with the dealer whether they had actually changed the oil. I was told that the oil was black as it was a diesel and they don't flush out the engine between oil changes. The low oil level was to allow the oil to rise when the DPF was regenerating. I was told not to fill the oil to the top level of the dipstick. Is this true?
All makes sense, yes. But if you are in any doubt, go to www.millersoils.co.uk where you can get the detail to send an oil sample to Millers for analysis. If this shows the oil was not changed you can bring criminal and civil charges against the dealer.
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