I've not had to top up the oil in my Peugeot 308 in between services - is something wrong with it?

I have a Peugeot 308. I have done 20,000 miles since I bought it, total mileage is 40,000, and I had the engine oil changed twice. I'm concerned that I have not had to top up the oil level in between services. The water level is fine, so what else could be wrong - if anything?
Sometimes if the driver switches off the engine of a diesel with a DPF while it is in the middle of actively regenerating, diesel fuel intended to fire off the DPF to burn the soot in it can seep into the sump, raising the oil level. So if the engine was using oil, that oil used could be replaced by (and diluted) by diesel. But you probably have nothing to worry about.
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