Refused warranty claim on Evo X

Mitsubishi has refused a warranty claim on my Evo X. The car was registered in 2011 and is still within warranty. The engine suffered catastrophically failure four weeks ago and the engine was inspected and stripped by my local dealer. Mitsubishi UK have rejected my claim based on warranty were conditions not met, specifically related to an independent garage service. The car has had three services, first was main dealer at 1000 miles, second was independent garage at 7000 miles and third was main dealer at 12,000. Engine failure occurred at approx 16,000 miles. The cost of damage also includes gearbox and is valued at over £10,000 worth of damage. The specific reason for rejection is that the independent service invoice states "genuine Mitsubishi parts used", but doesn't itemise individual parts and part numbers. I have pleaded my case with the dealer, then Mitsubishi customer services and most recently the Managing Director. All of them are sticking to the excuse of that invoice not detailing parts used as the reason for not authorising my claim. I am unable to acquire further details from the independent garage on parts used. Can you help out a desperate and highly stressed man?
That was a completely mad thing to do. What were you thinking of? This is a highly stressed, high performance car engine developing considerably more than 100PS a litre and correct maintenance is critical. To trust it to just anybody was crazy.

So unless he can prove that he did the job properly using the correct parts you are stuffed. Though you might be able to press him him for causing the problem and that might incentive him to find the invoices for the parts he used, if he did actually use the correct parts and lubricants in the first place.
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