Was the cambelt change on my 2004 Focus done properly?

I have a Ford Focus MK2 1.6 Petrol (2006) and it was advised by Ford to have the cam belt replaced at eight years or 100K. Well, my car being eight years old at the time of purchase meant I had the belt replaced along with the tensioner. Ford said this was the correct kit to replace the components necessary. However, I was always under the impression that the pulleys and idler should be replaced. The dealership said they would check the condition of these items however they reassured me that Ford only recommends the belt and tensioner to be replaced (hence the 'kit' only included these items). The car was returned to me with the belt and tensioner fitted but the pulleys/idler were left as the dealer said they were in good condition. I also told them to check the water pump and thankfully they said it was in very good condition with no visible leaks etc... Would you have recommended having the pulleys and idler replaced, or would you agree with Ford and only replace the belt and tensioner. I've had no issues since and there are no strange noises from the engine bay, I'm just curious?
Replacing the pulleys and waterpump is a general 'catch all' recommendation, but if an engine has no history of these failing then that is why the dealer did not replace them. If these pulleys are plastic or nylon I would replace them as a matter of course, because this type of pulley fails without any warning.
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