Does my 2005 Volkswagen Polo really need a cam belt change at 40,000 miles?

We purchased our current Volkswagen Polo from a main dealer four years ago and at the same time bought an annual service cover for £14/month for three years. This expired and our first full service for this car, which has done 27,000 miles, was quoted at £268. During the day this was increased by £99 as they advised brake fluid change and air conditioning service. Then they advised that as the car was four years old we should change the cam belt, at a cost of £370. I was astounded that this would bring the cost to £740, a cost I have never to date incurred on a number of 5 Series BMWs over the same period. Checking with an independent garage, they suggested no sooner than 60,000 miles for a cam belt change, but they would check its wear if they serviced it next time. Ford seem to guarantee theirs for 100,000 miles. Am I missing something? I am seriously disenchanted with Volkswagen and will look at other brands. Do cam belts really require change at this mileage? Is £370 reasonable?
It's pretty disgusting that you were sold a service deal that expired before your car needed a service, but this is a badly designed car that does need a timing belt, tensioner and pulley replacement at 40,000 because the plastic pulleys fail and throw off the belt. But you should not have any work done by the garage you have been dealing with which has pulled this lousy stunt on you. Have it done by an independent Volkswagen specialist.
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