Bad service from garage - should I take them to the small claims court?

A garage fitted an oil filter with a badly seated O ring as part of a standard service. As a result, four weeks later, the oil warning light came on as I arrived home and I took it to a garage up the road. They fitted a new filter and filled the oil up. I have tried to get the original company to pay for the remedial work but they are refusing, saying their terms and conditions say I must report any faults to them and allow them the chance to fix the problem and I am in violation of this. I didn't know that the fault was with their work before I took the car into the garage and it seems unreasonable to expect me to waste a day contacting a garage 30 miles away and wait for them to come out and sort out the problem as the cost of the repair was much less than the days pay I would have lost. Is it worth pursuing through small claims?
How much money is involved? If relatively small, use
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