Has a bad MoT and service destroyed my SLK?

I own a nine-year-old Mercedes-Benz SLK with 60,000 miles on the clock. I recently took it for an MoT and service. Three weeks later the engine goes bang on the motorway. The con-rod punched a hole out the side and the recovery mechanic found the engine oil filter cap loose. The garage that serviced it was the last to touch it and they say that it isn’t the cause of the catastrophic engine failure. What do you think?
It's certainly a strange coincidence. But you will need to prove the failure is directly linked to the service.

An independent mechanical inspection by another garage (or the breakdown recovery company) may help you with this. But if the garage refuses to cooperate you'll need to seek legal advice and pursue it via the small claims court (which will incur further expense with no guarantee of a positive outcome).
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