Is it reasonable to accept 50 per cent goodwill from Porsche towards repairing a blown engine on my C4S?

I bought a 2004 Porsche C4S with 10,000 miles on the clock (40,000 now) from a Porsche main dealer in 2007. Two weeks ago the engine blew up, which Porsche diagnosed as an intermediate shaft failure. I have looked this up on the web and it seems that many people have suffered from this, so Porsche knows about this problem but has not admitted to there being any fault. They have offered me 50 per cent towards the repair bill of £13,000, because although I have had all the services carried out by a Porsche specialist (genuine Porsche parts used by Porsche-trained technicians) it was not by the main dealer. Should I go for the 50 per cent or try and push for more?
As you have had it serviced elsewhere, a 50 per cent offer seems reasonable.
Answered by Dan Harrison on

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