Can I add K&M Auto-Techniks to your Good Garages guide?

I'd like to recommend K&M Auto-Techniks of Windsor. They are simply brilliant. As a female driver I have been pretty consistently unhappy with service I have received at garages - many, many over the years. Hard to identify, but a nagging feeling that I was being bamboozled and a lot of large bills. Three years ago I bought an old BMW and found K&M - and have never looked back. They are professional, honest, helpful, honest, competent, honest, trustworthy, honest - oh, did I mention they're honest? They communicate, they don't patronise, they help and advise. They will repair when possible and only replace when absolutely necessary. I have recommended them to every BMW driver I know and they have ALL been delighted with my recommendation.
That's good to know. It's always good to hear about the good guys. We'll add them to our Good Garage listing.
Answered by Dan Harrison on

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