Can I recommend my local garage, PK Motors of Tunbridge Wekks, for their excellent customer service?

Further to your remark about cut-price MoTs, I have taken our two elderly cars to PK Motors in Tunbridge Wells for the past 13 years. They give a 25 per cent discount to existing customers and have never, in my experience, angled for work. A couple of years ago, having shown me a blister on a tyre, they sent a man several miles to collect a new one, without extra charge. Recently, they repaired the rear numberplate wiring in the tailgate rather than fit new, charging only half an hour's labour. They still give the same good service, despite having moved to smart new premises a couple of years ago. Just thought you'd like to hear.
If you want to recommend them, then please do so at: - I cannot do this for you.
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