Should a DPF fault on my Lexus 220D have been noticed during a service?

My 2009 Lexus 220D went into limp mode 100 miles from home when I was on my way to France on holiday. It was the DPF filter. This was after a major service a few days before and I wonder if the filter problem should have been discovered at that time. I now use the train to work, so the car is used for mainly short runs, and a trip to France once or twice a year. I was unaware of DPF problems with diesel engines, and I realise the car does not meet my needs. I have a bad back and need a car with very good lumbar support. What would you recommend? I can afford to add £8000 - £10,000 to the trade in of the Lexus, and I am attracted to a BMW 3 Series with a petrol engine. What others do you think I should consider?
This would not have been spotted at a service. You basically clogged it with soot from your short runs that did not give it sufficient chance to regenerate. Switch to a Toyota Verso 1.8 Valvematic Multidrive S.
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