Is my 2006 Toyota Avensis diesel approaching a 'danger zone' of potentially expensive faults?

I note on occasions your correspondents refer to the approaching 'Danger Zone' for expensive repairs to their (diesel) vehicles. I have owned a Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D for some six years, and - credit where it's due - have suffered no more than a flat battery on one single occasion during that time. The car, to me at least, is a smooth and powerful ride, able to knock out 70-80mph at less than 2500 revs on the flat, and 55-60 mpg, if the computer is to be believed. I am quite impressed with it and would recommend it to others, although there is now a newer Avensis available but presumably with much the same engine. However, my car is now approaching 70,000 miles, and I am interested whether you can elaborate on the 'Zone' as to whether I am facing the possibility of expensive maintenance. My dealer has told me that this engine “goes on for ever", and that I need only to rely on dashboard instrumentation to indicate when something needs attention. I asked about replacing timing belts/chains etc but have been told, “it's OK - not to worry.” I am pleased but sceptical at this advice. Comments please?
Obviously it needs a timing belt, tensioner, small pulleys and a waterpump. It won't have a diesel particulate filter. Later Toyota 2.0 and 2.2 diesels from late 2006 are all chain cam. Station taxi drivers like your model of Avensis and get big mileages out of them.
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