I recommend paying extra for a roof service on Volkswagen's Eos.

After writing to you last year I was concerned about buying my Volkswagen EOS 1.4TSI. However, I am delighted with it and have no regrets. The short-term inconvenience of some winter condensation is more that made up for by the joys of top-down motoring in a well constructed, comfortable and great looking car. It has four seats too. In addition, the EOS has a separate tilt and slide glass roof for when it is too blowy to have the whole roof open. When my car was serviced at the excellent Drift Bridge VW in Surrey, I paid an extra £78 to have the roof serviced. Worth every penny to ensure smooth operation and to keep the seals in good condition.
That's a good idea. It makes total sense to have the seals of this roof serviced. Very sensible of Drift Bridge to offer this.
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