I want a new-ish convertible to replace my old BMW 640d - what do you suggest?

My 2013 BMW convertible has done 39,000 miles and is still going strong. I’m now thinking of selling and buying something newer (say 2-3 years old). I’m happy to add £30,000 to the sale price of my BMW, so purchase price will be in the region of £45k to £50k. I’m considering the BMW 4 and 8 Series and the Mercedes E-Class and older S-Class among quite a few others. What are your views and which one(s) do you think will last 10 more years with the least being spent on them in terms of maintenance and additional parts.
All four of these options offer an appealing driving experience with premium quality, but it is worth considering the fact that they will all require regular maintenance in order to last 10 years or more. There are not really any shortcuts, other than potentially using an independent specialist rather than main dealer servicing.

Of the four, the BMW 4 Series will be marginally cheaper to maintain, while the Mercedes-Benz S-Class will likely be the most expensive. Our choice however would be the superb BMW 8 Series.
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