What caused my Honda Civic's brakes to squeal?

I recently tried to take my 2005 Honda Civic 1.6 Vtec (9000 miles) out after five days in the garage, only to find a very loud screeching noise coming from the right front wheel. When I reversed the car there was no sound. The brake operated normally. The car has gone through an annual routine check-up just three months ago. Upon inspection by Chiswick Honda there was nothing wrong and the car was returned. Any thoughts to what this could have been and how it the problem disappeared? On a separate note I wanted to recommend Chiswick Honda. They regularly offer a car pick-up service free of charge when your car needs to be serviced. They have consistently offered great level of service; reasonable charges, swift in returning phone calls and ease of making an appointment.
Could have been a number of things - a stone caught in the brakes is one. Thanks for the recommendation, we'll add them to our listing.
Answered by Dan Harrison on

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