Can you recommend a warranty plan for our 3-year-old Skoda Yeti?

We bought our Yeti 1.8TSI 4WD new in September 2010 and have been absolutely delighted with it. We bought a Monthly Service Plan at £15.57 per month to cover the first three services. I requested a schedule of the work carried out under the Service Plan on each occasion. I was surprised to learn that the 3-year service (i.e. before the warranty expires) features only the odd visual check, a new oil filter and 4.6 litres of oil at £11 per litre inc VAT. As we are long-term keepers of cars, I want to make sure it is properly protected and I am not convinced that this service is thorough enough. I have intimated that I might be prepared to pay extra for a full service for our peace of mind. An alternative might be a pre-MoT at an independent garage. What would you recommend, and would you consider an extended warranty such as offered in your Motoring Section by Warrantywise?
It needs an oil and filter change every year and it is getting that. They usually carry out the visual inspection from under the car while the old oil is draining. It's sensible also to check the brake fluid for contamination and water content and if necessary change that too. And check the brakes. I recommend, which is also The Telegraph's car warranty provider. WarrantyWise is another warranty provider with a similar name to Warranty Direct that advertises heavily in Telegraph Motoring and is endorsed by Quentin Wilson.
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