I suggest that people should use dedicated independent specialist garages for repairs and mechanical work.

JB of Alton, the independent garage owner, is quite wrong in his comments. I can prove my point easily and confirm that what you wrote is right. We have local independent garages who serve the local community well but they make so many errors due to lack of dedicated manufacturers' knowledge. Here are examples from the last 18 months from our seven family cars. One used the wrong gearbox oil in my son’s 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLC 180. The gearbox had to be drained and refilled again. One changed the dual mass flywheel and clutch on my Discovery TD5 and failed to install the £1.75 phosphor bronze spigot bearing, which squeals with age and dryness and should be changed during the clutch change process, after having been soaked in oil overnight. The whole lot had to come out again, this was a £1000 job. One local independent specialist Jaguar dealer told me last week not to let independent garages fit a dual mass flywheel and clutch to our son-in-law's 160,000 mile 2.2-litre diesel Jaguar X-Type, as many independents manage to damage the driveshafts in the process. His quote was £740 for a 6-hour job. Our local independent quoted £840 and eight hours, not knowing that the diesel is easier and the clutch slave cylinder should be supplied within the clutch kit. He priced it as an extra £100. What I have learned is what you recommended to me, which was use the main dealers during warranty period for 'good will' in the event of problems, then switch to independents after three years but use a dedicated independent garage who is well versed in the cars to be repaired.
Very many thanks for that very useful information that goes straight into my arsenal of ammunition to reinforce the point and in case JB sees fit to write again.
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