Why does Ford have no control over Ford franchised workshops?

We have an 8-year-old Ford Ka that has always been looked after by a local independent garage. As it was eight years old we thought we should have it serviced by a Ford main dealer. This proved a disaster. I spent £800 (more than the value of the Ka) and was left with a front bumper that came apart, and a heavy banging that even though I took it back twice they were unable to fix. The local independent garage fixed it and the bumper. The fault that the Ford main dealership could not find was worn rubbers on the front suspension. I wrote to Ford customer relations and was told they would hand the letter back to the Ford main dealer. If I had wanted that I could have gone back myself. They then said that Ford main dealers are franchises and they could not deal with it. First I am surprised that Ford Relationship Centre simply acts as a post box and sends letters back to the franchise. Secondly, I am surprised that even though the Ford name is used on the garage and the overalls of the mechanics, Ford seems to exercise no quality control.
Unless it actually owns the franchise, the Ford Motor Company is not in any way responsible for the performance of a Ford franchise in servicing and repairing an 8-year-old car (or Ka). Franchises are independent businesses. If dissatisfied with the service you received from the Ford franchise, forewarn them that you propose to take small claims action against them. And if that does not secure a favourable result, then take action, starting with www.moneyclaim.gov.uk
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