My Volkswagen Golf needs a lot of repairs - should I just sell it on?

I have a 2002 Volkswagen Golf GT PD 130 that has now done 205,000 miles. I bought it two years ago from a family member who had owned it since new. It's been well cared for and I have every receipt. Its MoT is due in Aug, tax end of May, and the latest service revealed it needed a new intercooler (£400 + VAT), front A-frame bushes (£250 + VAT), flywheel and clutch (£750 + VAT), and that it may also need new dampers. I love the car, but I'm on a tight budget. Do I get these bits done and let her go on, or try and sell and look for something requiring less attention? I have checked the sure-sell website and wonder if this might be a worthwhile route to minimise my losses?
I'd rate this as end of life because the repairs needed cost more than the value of the car and a cambelt replacement can't be far off. Sure-sell is probably just about worthwhile.
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