Should I spend £1000 on repairs to my 10-year-old Volkswagen Golf or replace it?

I own a 10-year-old Volkswagen Golf which has done over 176,000 miles and whose MOT is coming up in August. At the time of its last MOT my local mechanic told me that during the following 12 months it was likely to need new brake pads and discs, two new cooling fans, possibly a new catalytic converter and bump stops. That twelve months is nearly up and, in the next few months, a new cam belt will be due. The car runs well but I am not sure whether I should be spending this kind of money (£1000?) on doing these jobs. It has the original clutch and gearbox. What is your opinion?
I'd say it's time to let it go. It's done well. Trade it in for something newer. The bill for replacements could well be a lot more than £1000.
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