Should I be cooling the turbo on our Mondeo and should I use a premium fuel?

We have a 2011 Ford Mondeo Estate Titanium X 2.0 litre petrol model. We cannot find details of the optimum revs for each gear. Is this model turbo boosted and if so does your advice re leaving engine to idle after long journeys apply (especially as we tow a caravan) even though it is a petrol engine? The only advice given is to only use 95 Unleaded (we don't use supermarket fuel) but can we use an additive without causing damage as we used to with our previous car, albeit that was a diesel-engined car? Your advice would be most appreciated.
The chain-cam non-turbo 2.0-litre engine comes with 145PS. The lower powered turbocharged EcoBoost is 203PS. And the higher powered EcoBoost is 240PS. The engine and your natural instincts tell you when best to change gear, probably between 2500 and 3000rpm. But it’s sometimes fine to change up at as little as 1500rpm.

It's best to use Super, and the best Super is Shell V-Power nitro+. No need for any additives then because the petrol already contains them. Yes, despite being water-cooled the turbo will get very hot, so always idle the engine for a minute or two after towing before switching off.
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