Should I idle my Mondeo 1/6 EcoBoost turbo even after short trips?

Thank you for recommending the Mondeo 1.6 EcoBoost. Your review advises "1.6 EcoBoosts need idling from hot before switching off otherwise oil in the turbo bearing and oil feed to the bearing can carbonise. Symptoms are sudden power loss and a high pitched whistling (whooshing) noise when lifting of after accelerating." Most of our journeys are short, under five miles, in and around Norwich. The need to let the car idle after each journey would, we believe, become trying. I'd like to understand how long would it need to idle for, and is it necessary after a short journey. Can you give more detail?
No worries. Even though turbo petrol engines are watercooled, and coolant continues to be pumped through the turbo after the engine is switched off, it’s still wise to idle the engine for at least 30 seconds before you switch off. The need occurs after towing, after long ascents and after cruising at steady speed on the motorway after which, despite watercooling, the turbo can become extremely hot. But this is unlikely after the short trips you describe.
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